The significance and contribution of the guitar for the development of our present music today, is undeniable. As our Klang team consists only of composers, everyone of us has a strong connection and history with all sorts of facets of the guitar, and used it in countless compositions over the years. This category is the result of us merging everything we love about guitars, and the attempt of a new interpretation of this timeless instrument. Basically, we were just having a lot of fun with it.

Do You Feel The Fire


Indigo Waves
Cloud Harmonics
Solar Cycle
Unstable Guitar

Note: All KLANG instruments require the Kontakt full version 5.6.8 or higher.


Deep Inconsistencies

To express our love for effects pedals, we created 'Indigo Waves'. We sent a beautiful sounding bass guitar through some of our many stomp boxes including Pitch Delays, Granular, Distortion and Sampler. We recorded two inspiring patches that can now be mixed together in 'Indigo Waves'.

GUI Audio


Freeze The Delay


The idea behind this instrument is to try to achieve a kind of freezing of played notes. This is made possible by a chain of delays, all set to an endless feedback loop. By using an additional low-pass filter and a volume control, this generated loop can then be processed to act as a sort of cloud, perfect for accompanying the given guitar. Or you can simply let the infinite run...

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Organic Stutter


We played around with our Korg Stage Echo and fell in love with the heavily saturated sound and wanted to be able to play a single repetition as its own instrument. Trying to accomplish this, we created the wavy characteristic feel of Solar Cycle.

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Earthy Guitars Textures


It's amazing the possibilities offered by today's guitar pedal FX. You switch several exciting FX pedals in a row, play a few notes and you're right into another world. So we grabbed an old Jazzmaster, hooked up some nice pedals, and recorded three wonderful guitar pads. Each of the pads has its own volume control, so you can mix all the sounds together. Optionally, the volume values of all three parameters can be varied automatically. This gives organic textures.

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Wall Of Sound


Distortion is the program, and at its finest. It's exactly how you want it to be. A brute wall of sound full of grandeur and majesty. An almost meditative experience or just playing classic guitar crunch licks. With Fuzzystortion you get 2 variations each of distorted and fuzz guitars, which we lovingly created with different guitars and various distortions, pedals as well as amps. A real madness, which should actually cost much more.

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