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Echolette Choir
Reverberated Strings
Hammered Violin
Krautrock Machine


Waves Outta Space

The Aetherophone, or better known as the Theremin, was developed early in the 20th century, but has unfortunately never managed to set significant accents and lasting impressions in the music of the last century. So we thought it would be good to celebrate the Aetherophone once again

The Aetherophoen consists of 2 sounds: a sound of wobbling modulated Aerophone sounds called Geist and the typical outer space glide brightness.

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Swirling Air

Echolette Choir - One can elicit sounds from an old Tube Tape Delay, which urgently needs to be sent to the service, that ere actually not intended. So Jonas sent various sound sources through his old tape delay, turned the feedback knob to insane and let the machine sing in the self oscillation and captured some moments. You can now hear the old tubes distortion which is wonderful warm and organic.

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Endless Violins

'Reverberated Strings' - Very often we think about what will it sounds when just playing the reverb of an instrument. Saying so, Ege played some of our nice string instruments and isolated the reverb tale. The result is a warm deep pad.

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Charming Air

Hammered Violin - In our recording room we have a lot of xylophone mallets and old broken piano hammers lying around. Ege wanted to create a different type of violin sound, so he asked himself what it would sound like if he played his violin with a piano hammer or a xylophone mallet instead of the typical bow. So we ended up with a unique violin sound. Additionally we programmed a sequencer so that you can easily play rhythmic patterns in any way you like.

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Kraftwerk Drums

The 'Krautrock Machine' - Cologne and Düsseldorf - can be regarded as the centre of German Krautrock music. So Jumpel thought that as a Cologne software company you should create an instrument to honour this great musical heritage of the city of Cologne. So we start our KLANG Instrument series with a Krautrock instrument - a small drum computer that tries to capture this old and inspiring spirit of Kraftwerk, Can or NEU!

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