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Bambu Bambu
Skyline Strings
Easy Life
Spiel Uher



Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with really old samba vinyl samples and found some extremely danceable rhythms. Combined with a unique set of percussion samples I created for some of my favorite own productions, the Bambumbambu Kit was born. Have Fun jamming to these lofi gems.

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Vocoded Violins

We were actually writing a new song and recorded a solo violin. Then we wondered what it would sound like, if we sent this through a vocoder. Well, we did it and here is the result.

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Basic VCS3

'Easy Life' is simple and it is a 1 sample synthesizer. This single sound comes from our EMS VCS3 and sounds absolutely special. To make it even more fun, we added a simple arpegiator that plays the sounds randomly in a wild mix. It is always nice to see how easy good sounds can be.

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Deep Vortex

Drowning in the endless possibilities of manipulating sounds, we kept on searching for more and more ways to create bubbly artifacts in different sound sources. After trying out lots of different things, we finally found something that actually feels like drowning but is somehow still transporting a shiny beauty. Drown.

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Taped Musicbox

We recorded a Spieluhr. We send it thru an old Uher Tape Machine. We like bad puns. We created a Spieluher. It contains options to control length, tone and a LoFi effect. Additionally you can activate an ensemble function, distortion, delay and reverb.

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