As we are obsessed with the endless possibilities of audio, we always searach a way to express our visions and sound aesthetic in any format in order to inspire you to create great music.

Our sample packs are filled with characterful drum and percussion one-shots and loops, harmonic ambiences, chord progressions, fx-sounds and even whole instruments deconstructed into single notes.

After many years of working in music production we have gathered a plethora of different samples and now share our most beloved ones. Useful for genres we love like Hip-Hop, Trap, Electronica or House - but also cinematique kits or even experimental stuff.



Vintage Studio Collection II

Roland Juno 60. Hardly any other synthesizer stands as a symbol of the 80s. And besides its stylish design, its sounds shaped a whole generation of songs. So we took the trouble to create beautiful and typical sounds, chords and chord loops to give your music the retro charm of the 80s. It contains:

  • 15 Single Notes
  • 21 Chords
  • 5 Chord Loops



Vintage Studio Collection II

We sent our iconic 808 analog drum machine fron 1978 through a wild combination of eurorack modules, played along for hours and surprised ourselves with the results.
And here it is - a versatile collection of unique 808 drum sounds, ready to be loaded into your favourite sampler. It contains:

  • 16 Kicks and Snares
  • 21 Percussion Sounds
  • 22 Loops, Ambiances & SFX



Vintage Studio Collection I

Since the thick knobs, buttons and sliders of all our analog tape machines, old synths and effects in our studio make such cool noises every time we use them, we just decided to make a complex foley kit out of them. Just get it and perform your unique rhyth, out of it. It contains:

  • 28 Studio Knobs, Buttons, Sliders
  • 17 Studio Beds and Slices
  • 13 Bass Drums, Snares
  • 7 Loops



Cinematic collection II

A thoroughly designed Sample Pack perfectly suitable for creating shiny and glimmering atmospheres, tonal textures or manipulated soundscapes. This Pack consists of 20 single note sounds and 10 textures consisting of multiples notes. It contains:

  • 10 multiple notes
  • 20 single notes



Cinematic collection

As film composers we always need specific sounds, suitable for certain types of movies. So we created these dark dystopic and giant soundscapes, perfect for genres like Crime and Thriller or anything you like to use it for. It contains:

  • 10 drones
  • 12 evolving sounds
  • 9 pulses



Trap & Hip Hop collection

We combined the sounds of modern hip hop and trap music and put it together to a unique sample pack with hard hitting drums, deep 808s and various tonal one shots, to create pads, plucks and a lot more:

  • 51 drum samples (LoFi kicks, snares, hats, claps, percussion, fx)
  • 9 808s
  • 11 tonal one shots


LoFi Hip Hop collection

Here in our studio we have a couple of ol' tape machines. So why not send a lot of sounds and beats through it to give you a taste of our sound aesthetic. Very inspring:

  • 56 drum samples (LoFi kicks, snares, hats, claps, percussion, fx)
  • 7 Lost guitar tapes (extremely LoFi)
  • 10 instrumental one shots
  • 6 musical loops


City Hop Staten

The result of several recording sessions with our first KLANG instruments:

  • 63 drum samples (Vinyl Drums, Broken Piano, 80s Machine)
  • 98 instrumental one shots (8 individual instruments)
  • 18 drumloops
  • 8 musical loops