We love tape sounds. So here it´s all about the inspiring potential of our nostalgic feelings around tape. Listening to radioplays before sleeping as a child, recording demo tracks on a four track.
Bringing back the warmness and imperfection with saturation, wow & flutter by playing instruments through all kind of tape gear and experimenting with it. A nostalgic journey emphasizing the beauty of imperfection.

How about Some Vibe


Echolette Choir
Casette Kalimba
Swayed Keys
Taped Flute

Note: All KLANG instruments require the Kontakt full version 5.6.8 or higher.


Swirling Air

Echolette Choir - One can elicit sounds from an old Tube Tape Delay, which urgently needs to be sent to the service, that ere actually not intended. So Jonas sent various sound sources through his old tape delay, turned the feedback knob to insane and let the machine sing in the self oscillation and captured some moments. You can now hear the old tubes distortion which is wonderful warm and organic.

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Charming Noise


Cassette Kalimba - We noticed that this old cassette radio laying around in the corner has a recording function. No time to waste we fed it with a kalimba and a xylophone to offer a mix between wood and metal. Completed with a decay layer we got those warm percussive tape sounds we aimed for.

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We wanted more metal in our tape collection. So we send a Rhodes through tape hardware to create a warm and fluttering tape sound. In order to enrich the sound we layered a grainy processed vibraphone sound. Got it - some warm taped metal!
Swayed Keys contains a balance knob to control the amount of the grainy layers which is linkable to the mod wheel, a knob to control the amount of a tremolo and a tone knob. You can further shape the sound with phaser, distortion, delay and reverb.

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Taped Flute - When we think of a flute, elegant, clear tones might be the first thing that come to mind. Having his mind detached from this, Jumpel recorded a flute through an analog tape delay while changing settings as the recording went on. Combining a calm and a noisy layer we created a unique sound that we call Taped Flute.
Taped Flute contains a balance knob to control the mix between the calm and the noisy layer, a knob to control the amount of a rotary and a tone knob. You can further shape the sound with phaser, distortion, delay and reverb.!

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Watch the Taped/Drumbox Live Session