Our symphonic range consists of orchestral instruments like violins, flutes, French horns and other instruments, which we try to catch up from rather different perspectives, like playing with special and uncommon articulations, or sending through various modular effects and much more.



Black Wood Flow
Raising Strings
Hammered Violin
Sklyine Strings

Note: All KLANG instruments require the Kontakt full version 5.6.8 or higher.


Quiescent Reed

Our aim with this instrument was, to create a very soft, silent and gentle clarinet sound. We recorded it, and called it Black Wood Flow and put it into our Klang Engine. A very pure and flowing sound.

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Rude Bass Strings


Gambastard - This instrument fills up the lower area of our symphonic range. It consists of several low register string instruments, like Double Bass and Viola da Gamba, which were played with Mallets instead of typical bows. That creates this characteristic and deep sound in the lower octaves. In the Engine you are able to control.

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Dynamic Vortex


Raising Strings - For this instrument we sent a Pizzicato Solo Violin and a hammered Viola da Gamba through various delay effects to create a rhythmic pattern which is tempo-synced. The other sound source is a digitally downtuned violin legato patch which was also sent through various modulating effects.

You can easily blend those two patches into each other, by controlling two of the three main controllers. The middle one changes the overall tone. Additionaly you have LoFi, Distortion, Delay and 9 different Reverb types.

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Charming Air


Hammered Violin - In our recording room we have a lot of xylophone mallets and old broken piano hammers lying around. Ege wanted to create a different type of violin sound, so he asked himself what it would sound like if he played his violin with a piano hammer or a xylophone mallet instead of the typical bow. So we ended up with a unique violin sound. Additionally we programmed a sequencer so that you can easily play rhythmic patterns in any way you like.

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Vocoded Violins


Skyline Strings - We were actually writing a new song and recorded a solo violin. Then we wondered what it would sound like, if we sent this through a vocoder. Well, we did it and here is the result.

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