Support / F.A.Q.


1. How can I order and purchase a library?
If you want to purchase a library, add it to your cart and proceed to the Payment Page. After verifying our terms and conditions you will be able to pay via “PayPal or “Direct Bank Transfer”. Unfortunately, other payment options are not available yet. As soon as the payment procedure has been successfully completed, you will receive an auto-generated mail containing all necessary information and download links of your purchased libraries.

2. VAT
Please keep in mind, that additional VAT charges may apply on orders to countries inside the European Union. With a valid ID you can purchase our instruments within the EU without VAT. To take advantage of this option, please contact us.

3. Why didn’t I get a purchase notification?
Over the past few years we found out that some US providers (for example com and have been blocking our emails. We have been in contact with these providers in order to sort out the issue. Another reason why you may not have received an email, could be an accidental arrival in your spam folder – so please check. Anyway, if you don´t get a purchase notification from us within 30 minutes after Check Out, please contact us.

4. Are you offering EDU Discounts?
We at Klang think, that considering our price range, EDU Discounts are not very senseful. That’s why we don’t give any EDU discount. This does not mean that we won’t offer any other type of discounts on bundles etc.

5. Am I able to get a refund?
Purchased libraries, can’t be cancelled after payment. So every purchase is final.


1. How can I install a library?
After receiving our mail, please download the instrument, unzip it (if it does not happen automatically) and move the folder to your preferred direction on your hard drive. Please start Kontakt and navigate via the “Browser” tab to your Library path (where you have moved the folder after installation) and double click on the instrument.nki. The other way to load your instrument is, to drag the folder from your hard drive into the Quickload Menu in Kontakt, which can be opened via the menu bar at the top of the Kontakt Engine.

2. Why is the library playing in DEMO mode?
Unfortunately, the KLANG Libraries only work in the FULL Kontakt version and NOT in the Kontakt Player Version. If you open the library in the free Player Version, Kontakt will automatically lock the engine after a demo time of 15 minutes.

3. Please note: All instruments are made for use in the Native Instruments Sampler Kontakt and can NOT be played without it. To play these instruments completely and without any restrictions, the Kontakt full version 5.6.8 or higher is required.

For any further questions feel free to contact us at: support (at)