This is the collection of all free KLANG instruments from all categories. We'll release a new KLANG instrument every month, so you better check this site out from time to time.



Plucked Overdrive
Stack of Wood
Lost In Thoughts
Spiel Uher
Neon Tube Buzz
ABLETON edition
Bodega Strings
Bambu Bambu


Abstract Bubbles

Plucked Overdrive is a unique sound that was created by accident, when we were messing with muted guitar plucks. We recorded our Fender Jazzmaster and had a little bit too much fun sendig it through our favourite pedals and plug-ins and ended up with this abstract pluck sound.

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Branches and Bars

Stack Of Woods - It's kind of strange. You would think wood makes no sound, makes no noise. But even if you take a handful of cut wood and branches in your hand and move them against each other, you notice that each of these pieces of wood has its own different sound. So we made a KLANG out of it and just added some Marimba fragments.

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Outside World

'Lost In Thoughts' - It's true. As soon as you play the first notes your thoughts drift off into another world. Dark places in an abandoned world. It's maily a JUNO 60 Saw String pad with a wonderful reverse texture and an endless sounding grain pad - all freely controllable. Have fun diving in.

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Taped Musicbox

We recorded a Spieluhr. We send it thru an old Uher Tape Machine. We like bad puns. We created a Spieluher. It contains options to control length, tone and a LoFi effect. Additionally you can activate an ensemble function, distortion, delay and reverb.

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Low Buzzling
Ableton Edition

Neon Tube Buzz - It's always amazing how musical ordinary electronic household objects can sound. For example, the sonorous buzz of a neon lamp can give you a relaxed, warm feeling. So we recorded the hum and buzz of a neon lamp in a basement, put a filter on it, edited it and combined it with some other sounds to create this deep pad.

Please Note! This is the Ableton edition of the Neon Tube Buzz - to use only with Ableton Live Sampler/ Simpler.



Deep and Scratchy

Recently we recorded another nice set of very quiet and fragile violin notes. We have added a processed halftime layer to it and here and there we put a little bit of work into it. And now we have a noble string tool that is deep and scratchy at the same time.

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Deep Vortex

Drowning in the endless possibilities of manipulating sounds, we kept on searching for more and more ways to create bubbly artifacts in different sound sources. After trying out lots of different things, we finally found something that actually feels like drowning but is somehow still transporting a shiny beauty. Drown.

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Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with really old samba vinyl samples and found some extremely danceable rhythms. Combined with a unique set of percussion samples I created for some of my favorite own productions, the Bambumbambu Kit was born. Have Fun jamming to these lofi gems.

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