Field recordings - the precise listening and recording of our environment - give us the opportunity to perceive our familiar everyday sounds in a new and different way and to place them in a new context.

Inspired by kitchen utensils, the noise of electrical appliances or the noise of a train ride, the idea for a new instrument and thus a new song is born. Below you will find some of our treasures, which are responsible for some of the enlightenments we have experienced.


Neon Tube Buzz
Clashing Rails
Radio Transmission

Note: All KLANG instruments require the Kontakt full version 5.6.8 or higher.


Low Buzzling

Neon Tube Buzz - It's always amazing how musical ordinary electronic household objects can sound. For example, the sonorous buzz of a neon lamp can give you a relaxed, warm feeling. So we recorded the hum and buzz of a neon lamp in a basement, put a filter on it, edited it and combined it with some other sounds to create this deep pad.

GUI Audio




Clashing Rails - A station is a wide space that creates a great sound scenery. You hear big locomotives dragging along tracks, wagons bouncing over switches and brakes squeaking - so we captured some impressions from this scenery with his field recorder, assembled it in Kontakt and added an old construction compressor that was standing beside some old tracks. Here is the result.

GUI Audio


Hear what Noone hears


Radio transmission - Modern man has created an invisible electromagnetic landscape with all his devices that we cannot perceive. With special devices, these electromagnetic fields can be heard live and recorded. And this is exactly what radio transmissions reproduce - even chromatically.

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Float & Stutter


Floatation – A flowing and moving instrument, which consists of 2 different sound sources which were recorded with a field recorder. One which is a freezed minor chord and a second one, which is a deep resonating drone.

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