Without the introduction and existence of drum computers and sample based rhythm sequencers, electronic music as we know it today would never have been possible. It influences and determines significantly the understanding and working method of these genres.
Klang Drumboxes is a homage to the history of this music and an attempt to express our love and passion for vintage drum computers and sample-based music production.

How about Some Vibe


Krautrock Machine
Vinyl Drums
Broken Piano
80s Machine

Note: All KLANG instruments require the Kontakt full version 5.6.8 or higher.


Kraftwerk Drums

The 'Krautrock Machine' - Cologne and Düsseldorf - can be regarded as the centre of German Krautrock music. So Jumpel thought that as a Cologne software company you should create an instrument to honour this great musical heritage of the city of Cologne. So we start our KLANG Instrument series with a Krautrock instrument - a small drum computer that tries to capture this old and inspiring spirit of Kraftwerk, Can or NEU!

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Sample with Charme


Vinyl Drums - A hip hop inspired Drumbox truly celebrating the sound characteristics of vinyl sampling. With its roughly compressed sounds we experienced it as a Kickstarter for inspiration at our productions.

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Broken Piano - For the CI Deconstructed Piano we disassembled a piano to its soundboard and played, hit, stroke and destructed it with a wide range of tools. In this Drumbox we extracted some percussive sounds and combined them with our sequencer, revealing an unusual perspective of piano sounds.

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Linn or Oberheim


80ies Machine - Dig out your batting pants and headbands, we’re going back to the 80’s. Inspired by nostalgic feelings we resampled some of the most iconic drum boxes of the disco genre and processed them in typical manner of the time. We recommend warming up your legs before trying out, cause it’s going to be danceable.

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Watch the Taped/Drumbox Live Session