This is the Everything Bundle. You get all our 35 KLANG Kontakt instruments from all 7 categories here: Taped, Field Recording, Vintage Synth, Symphonic, Freeze, Guitars and Drumoxes - and all for a super reduced price of

100 EUR

Note: All KLANG instruments require the Kontakt full version 5.6.8 or higher

Spiel Uher
Corroded Wires
Lonesome Scope
Blooming Vibes
Reversed & Hiss
Casette Kalimba
Swayed Keys
Taped Flute
Echolette Choir
Sonic Wastelands
Clashing Rails
Radio Transmission
Bass Trinity
King Mark I
Velvet Blend
Bodega Strings
Johnnys Horn
Violin Waves
Vocoded Flute
Raising Strings
Hammered Violin
Sklyine Strings
Black Wood Flow
Infinite Blur
Air Piano
Tranquil Meadow
Dusted Home
Reverberated Strings
Crystalline Noise
Silver Lining
Cloud Harmonics
Solar Cycle
Unstable Guitar
Vinyl Drums
Broken Piano
80s Machine
Krautrock Machine